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Welcome to Day 20 of 25 Days of Prayer! Today we are thanking God for grace and extending it to others! Yesterday morning as I got ready for an important meeting I felt pretty put together, until I realized I got mascara on my fresh new white blouse. I ran back into the house to try to clean it off, but realized there was still a slight shadow. Immediately, I heard God’s voice say “you don’t need to be perfect, you have my grace”. I brushed off what I thought the mascara stain looked like and placed my focus on God. Needless to say it went exactly how God said it would go, I had His grace and favor. This reminded me that we all need grace and we are not without blemish. Additionally, we can come as we are, yet I do not believe God wants us to stay where we are. He desires for us to grow and continue to become more like Christ everyday. It’s also important that we have grace for others as we will always need it from God.

Prayer for Grace:

Father, we thank you for being a loving and faithful Abba Daddy to us. Lord, we know that we need your grace to walk through certain doors and we can only have that with You in our life. Father, we thank you for all the times that You opened doors for us and blessed us in ways we did not deserve. Lord help us to always remember the times You stepped in for us so that we extend that same grace and love to others. We are thankful that we can come as we are, but realize we cannot stay as we are, for you require us to grow. Lord help us to be more like Christ everyday being filled up with the fruits of the spirit (Read Galatians 5:22-23). We thank you for Your grace, favor, forgiveness and love. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen

We Praise You Lord! I ask that this prayer be sealed into Heaven. We thank you Lord for You are Faithful, You are Good, You are Righteous! I Praise You Lord! YHWH! Adonai! Elohim! Yeshua! Lord, Jesus Christ.


Britt Annie Nicole – Written for His glory! In the name above all names – Jesus Christ

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