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Welcome to Day 18 of 25 Days of Prayer! Everyone need’s someone in their corner to see the value in them and speak words of blessing and life. We must first understand how to do this for ourselves, and as we build up ourselves we can easily build up others. I find that spending time in the presence of God brings about an abundance of love within, and it overflows to those closest to us. It is important that we see the good in others with the eyes of Christ and call out the good in them. This isn’t to say that we cannot correct each other, for rightful correction is a great thing, so that we help each other be better and grow! There is just something about finding and focusing on the good. We never know who we have just sprinkled hope on. They may have needed that encouraging word just to keep going.

Key – Building up one another is an important key in the home, as it is the safe place where we are nourished and loved.

Are you ready? Let us pray!

1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing”

Dear Father in Jesus name. Thank you for being the One who fills us up to overflowing with Your love. Father, as we spend time in Your presence teach us how to use our words to build up those in our lives. We know that there is power in the words we speak. We can either build some one up or tear them down with our speech. Father, let us be builders speaking healing, kind and loving words. Teach us to pray in the spirit before we speak so that our conversations are edifying and encouraging. Let us love with our words and not hurt others. Even when we may have to correct a child or fellow adult, let our words be healing and kind. Help our hearts to be pure towards others always seeking to build up one another. Gently bring conviction to our hearts if we are speaking in such a way that would tear someone down. Help us to repent and bring correction to our speech with others, seeking to uplift and bless them with our words. It is in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

Blessings Friends!

We Praise You Lord! I ask that this prayer be sealed into Heaven. We thank you, Lord. For You are Faithful, You are Good, You are Righteous! I Praise You Lord! YHWH! Adonai! Elohim! Yeshua! Lord, Jesus Christ.


Britt Annie Nicole – Written for His Glory! The name above all names – Jesus Christ.

2 responses to “Day 18 of 25 Days of Prayer – Build-up One Another”

  1. Julia Avatar

    Wonderful prayer! What if – all of us took time before speaking, being more
    Intentional in what we say. Friendships, families, and relationships will experience more peace and love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Britt.Annie.Nicole Avatar

      Amén. 🙏🏽That’s so true! 💕 🙌🏽


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