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Welcome to Day 15 of 25 Days of prayer! We are uplifting families in prayer today for more unity and togetherness. Family is a gift from God and sometimes we find ourselves forgetting this truth. I believe another way we can please God and represent him is by flourishing in togetherness within our families. Let’s not wait for family reunions, let’s create them more frequently in harmony. You may say “well Brittany, you don’t know my family, they are nothing like this.” I get it, I hear you and that’s why we are going to pray about it. If you still need to forgive someone or need forgiveness read Day 14 – Family Healing and Forgiveness. I also want to encourage you to be around those that truly love you and you feel your best around until you are strong enough to be around those who may be toxic. Are you ready? Let us pray.

Prayer for Family Togetherness:

Dear Father in Jesus name. I uplift the person reading this prayer today and ask that You cover them in Your grace and strength during this time. Father, I am praying for togetherness and unity in this person’s family. I speak Colossians 3:14-15 that there be perfect harmony in this family and the peace of Christ to rule their hearts. Lord, I cancel any plans of the enemy that were sent to steal the joy of this family and declare your abundance of love over them now. Lord, I ask that Your word and presence would become strong in this family. Let them be led by Your love in all they do towards one another. May they have kind thoughts towards one another and speak kind and loving words that build and heal. I pray now for everyone that needs deliverance and healing in this family. Father, may they seek your presence and place You first if they haven’t in a while or ever. Lord, I pray that this family makes the effort to know who You are and keep you the center of their life. In Jesus name amen.

We Praise You Lord! I ask that this prayer be sealed into Heaven. We thank you Lord, for You are Faithful, You are Good, You are Righteous. I Praise You Lord. YHWH! Adonai! Elohim! Yeshua! Lord, Jesus Christ!


Britt Annie Nicole – Written for His Glory. The name above all names – Jesus Christ

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