Hi, Friends! I hope you are doing well while finding comfort and peace in this season. Lately, I’ve been feeling led to saturate my being in the word of God. After reading the Bible today, I received confirmation on doing so.

Friends, if we haven’t already, it is time to take the word seriously. Speak it into our soul, speak it over our home, speak it over those in our lives. It isn’t enough to only speak positive words, we need the word and the holy spirit to back it up.

I encourage you to join me over these next 21 days of speaking the word into our souls. The results of this will be:

1. A Renewed Mind (releasing the past, lies from the enemy, doubt, fear, shame, and anything contrary to what God says!) By replacing what was and what’s false with the truth, the word of God: What the creator says about us.

2. Emotional Healing (releasing past mistakes, pain, un-forgiveness, heartbreak, traumas, triggers, depression, sadness, anger and anything contrary to how God has called us to feel.) By replacing these things with the truth of the word, being forgiven and forgiving others, releasing what was and receiving beauty for ashes as God has promised us.

3. A Refreshed Soul (just as we bathe our bodies, our soul needs the same care. We can only find this type of refreshing in our Lord, our God, our Savior, our Creator, our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

As you get started, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you on which scriptures to use during this 21-day challenge. Not only are we being refreshed in our soul, but we are growing closer to God which is the ultimate goal.

I want to provide to you an example of how you can use the word to speak into your soul:

Example: Scripture: Psalm 145:19. “He will fulfill the desire of those who fear and worship Him.”

Example on how to speak to your soul with the scripture inserting your name: “Brittany, God will fulfill your desires because you fear and worship Him.”

That felt good already! I am excited to get started and not only speak over myself, but speak over those whom God entrusted to my life.

When our 21-day challenge has been completed, I encourage you to build it into your lifestyle, at least that is my goal. I want to see the power of God continually transform my life. I want to see his blessings and miracles become a lifestyle for me and my household. As children of God, we have inherited the covenant blessing of Abraham and have access to the Aaronic blessing (Numbers 6:24-26) as well. It is up to us to know God and love His word in order to see these promises fulfilled.

Ending Prayer: Lord, Jesus. Heavenly Father, I honor you today with all that I am. You are a faithful God and a good- good Father. Lord, have your way over these 21-days. Have your way in our lives. Let us grow in your word as we speak it over our lives. Let us grow near to you and experience all that you have for us according to the covenant you made with Abraham and according to the Aaronic blessing. It is in the mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray! Amen.


Crossway Bibles. (2001). Holy Bible: English Standard Version.

❤️ God Bless and Shalom dear friends.

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