Peace is 🌱

In my earlier writings, I wrote to you about my transformation into peace. In the previous week, I learned a few things that allowed me to examine areas of my life that could expand in peace. By setting boundaries, I learned that I have more peace tending to my own garden πŸͺ΄ of life.

Here is something that I wrote for myself, but I wanted to share it with you, because we are all growing together.

Peace is:

~ saying β€œno”more and saying β€œyes” to our soul

~ quiet time

~ caring for our mind, body and soul

~ surrounding our dwelling in nature

~ forgiveness (forgive others, forgive yourself)

~ speaking gently with love

~ realizing, that the actions of others does not affect how our garden grows. Understanding that planting good seeds will yield a bountiful harvest if we focus on what is ours.

~ thinking on what is good

~ having a thankful heart

~ not taking on the issues of others, rather sending love, light, and encouragement

~ listening to music that heals and sounds that soothe our soul

~ setting boundaries (everybody doesn’t need to know everything)

~ journaling

~ believing in yourself

~ planting something beautiful and watching it grow

~ being kind to others because our soul has an overflow of goodness to pour out

~ being our own best friend first

~ tending to our garden of life and making it beautiful

~ speaking in a way that nourishes

~ wearing your favorite color, green is my color as it grounds me

~ eating slowly

~ cooking with peace and with love

~ dancing and expressing the love in our soul

~ not conforming to the world

~ building a love filled life that overflows

~ keeping weeds (toxic people, places, things) out of our garden

~ peace is me

~ peace is you

🌱πŸͺ΄πŸ¦‹ Shalom dear friends


  1. ceebee63 says:

    Yes, perfect peace. Good message for the soul. πŸ’š

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ¦‹βœ¨πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ½


  2. Julia says:

    Hello Brittany. Thanks for the refreshing! Often in our daily lives we forget all that we can consciously do to keep us in God’s peace. Julia

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ¦‹βœ¨πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ½


  3. Kb says:

    Excelent word for our inner man, peace which you cannot find in the world

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Blessings! Amen. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’—βœ¨


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