Thank you for all that you do, your belief in me, your time invested in me, your care, your cheer, your prayers and for always being a listening ear.

Thank you for taking me to the book store and library every weekend as a little girl, because of this I love to write, and just being in the presence of books makes my soul sparkle.

Thank you for believing in my every dream and allowing me the freedom to always choose my path.

Thank you for staying up through the night hours just to pray for me even when I was not aware that you were.

Thank you for showing me that anything is possible and can be achieved.

Here is my prayer for you:

Abba Father, in Jesus name I thank you for choosing me to belong to my mother before I was thought of. I pray continued blessings to shower her. I speak longevity and continued health over her in the name of Jesus Christ. Father, I ask that you continue to let your peace always be the center. I speak Proverbs 23:25 supplicating that you Lord shower her in joy as your word says. In Jesus name I pray with gratitude, amen.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Shalom 🌼

2 responses to “Thanks Mom ~ Mae 🌼”

  1. ceebee63 Avatar

    Thank you my dear daughter! Your words are precious…I love you lots! Mom

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  2. Lance A. Richards Avatar
    Lance A. Richards

    Amen! Happy Mother’s Day!!

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