Immunity Boosting Tips in Twenty-21

We have made it to 2021 and we have some kinks to work out. There are many concerns when it comes to our health and the decisions we are having to make quickly when it comes to our personal health and the health of our loved ones. Whatever you choose, I’m here for you and trust that with our faith in place we can utilize wisdom to make the best choices for ourselves and our loved ones. While we do not always know what the future holds, we know who does and we can seek wisdom and lean into God’s word for comfort and direction. As we do so, we have the power to take control of what we place in our bodies and our minds to maintain optimal health. I’m believing with you for a better future, healthier bodies and a long life. Here are some tips for 2021 and beyond to boost our immunity and create greater health:

  1. Prayer: As God is the center of my life, prayer will always be my number one tip. Our power to heal and be healthy is found in our belief system. If we consume negative news all day, we may be pushed towards fear; thus resulting in making decisions based off of that emotion. However, if we are consumed by the word of God we will make decisions based off of truth. God tells us in Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This word is so comforting to me, because no matter what is happening in the world I know that God has good plans for me as long as I remain close to Him. I want to encourage you dear friends to remain close to God and seek Him to gain wisdom in how to remain healthy in today’s time. He will order your steps and you will find comfort and help.
  2. Laughter: Get a good laugh in daily. Let’s do it together now! (I hope this statement made you smile, or at least crack a smile on your face). According to Science Daily, “laughter has a positive effect on modulating components of the immune system, including increased production of antibodies and activation of the body’s protective cells, including T-cells and especially Natural Killer Cells ‘ killing activity of tumor cells.” Even if there isn’t anyone in your life that makes you smile or laugh often, there are many other ways to get a smile on your face. I encourage you dear friends to be mindful in inviting laughter and joy into your everyday life. It’s a good feeling to know that we can create greater health just by being happy.
  3. Hope: The word of God tells us in Proverbs 13:12 “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” This scripture tells me that when we lose our hope, we also lose our health. We can increase our hope by stirring up our faith daily by hearing the word of God. We live in a world that is ever-changing, but the word of God will faithfully and everlastingly remain the same. When we place our hope in His word, we will find overtime that our health increases because our faith is in our creator and not the ever-changing world.
  4. Foods that Boost your Immune System: Choosing foods that boost your immune system daily will give you a greater edge while maintaining your health out in today’s world. We should consume macronutrients and micronutrients (Macros: Proteins, Healthy Fats, Healthy Carbohydrates) (Micros: vitamins and minerals) daily. Although we can supplement to meet our micronutrient needs, we should aim to consume these nutrients through clean foods. According to Harvard Medical School “five micronutrients – vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, magnesium, and zinc – they all play a major role in maintaining immune function.” Aiming to incorporate foods that carry these nutrients will give you the boost you need to maintain proper health.
  5. Vitamin D: According to Dr. Rhonda Patrick of Found my Fitness “Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that is a major regulator of immune function and plays a particularly important role in preventing respiratory tract infections. Vitamin D activates the innate immune system, which elicits an early antiviral response.” Dr. Rhona Patrick has done extensive research on Vitamin D involving the immune system, as I have found it extremely helpful in understanding why Vitamin D is necessary in maintaining a healthy immune system. I personally retrieve Vitamin D in the form of supplements and occasionally through natural sunlight.
  6. Lymphatic Massage: A lymphatic massage can provide your body the ability to eliminate toxins while supporting the immune system. According to Women’s Health Magazine you may “pull up a spa menu online and there’s a solid chance you’ll see a lymphatic drainage massage on there claiming to help flush toxins, amp up immunity, and nix water weight and bloat.” Personally, I have yet to try the lymphatic massage, but will soon give it a try and share my experience.
  7. Sleep: I understand in today’s time, some nights may be tough to sleep while wondering what tomorrow may hold. I want to reassure you dear friends, that you can find rest as you rely on God’s perfect peace. Sleep plays a vital role in allowing our immune system to function optimally, so we need the proper amount on a regular basis. According to the CDC “sleep loss is also related to a higher risk for infection. Restricting sleep to 4 hours per night for 6 days, followed by sleep for 12 hours per night for 7 days, resulted in a greater than 50% decrease in production of antibodies to influenza vaccination, in comparison with subjects who had regular sleep hours.” As such, we can increase immune function with steady, regular sleeping hours.


This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your doctor or primary care physician. Do not use the information in this document for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. Always consult your doctor before using any treatment for a health problem.

ā¤ Shalom


  1. ceebee63 says:

    These are wonderful tips! I’m going to get more sleep and laugh a bit more. Thank you as always for your beautiful words of encouragement…

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    1. šŸ™‚ Blessings! I’m glad you enjoyed ā¤


  2. Val says:

    Oh my Lord, such a phenomenal read. I love articles such as this because of how they enlighten my mind and minister to my spirit. This article promotes healing deep within the soul. Thank you for sharing your gift.šŸ’–

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Lady Val! ā¤ļøšŸ™šŸ½ šŸ™ŒšŸ½ Blessings to you


  3. Jordan says:

    Such great in-depth information to maintain health along with a prayer to uplift spirit in health. Love it

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  4. Rezz says:

    I really appreciate these simple ways of getting our health and lives in order. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Wonderful! I’m glad you enjoyed!


  5. Damon Whitlock says:

    I definitely needed this, great read!

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    1. Iā€™m glad you enjoyed!


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