Believing what God says about you over anything negative, whether from your own inner dialogue or from another being.

Here is a word from Joyce Meyer in the commentary and notes section of The Everyday Life Bible:

“Always believe what God says about you above your own feelings about yourself and above what others have to say. God says you belong to Him. He loves you and will work through you if you will simply let Him. You are special to God. You have infinite worth and value. Perhaps the world would not consider you usable material for God, but He sees differently than the world does. Say, “Here I am God, use me, ” and watch Him go to work!” Joyce was referring to the story of David in 1 Samuel 17.

How many times have you stopped moving on something due to the lack of someone else’s faith in you? I want to encourage you dear friends to keep going as you keep your confidence and faith in the Lord. When God calls us to do something for Him, we must believe that He has already equipped us for the task.

Can I pray with you today?

Dear Lord, we come to you thanking you for all that you are and for breathing your very breath into our nostrils. Father, we open our hands to do the work that you have designed us to do. Remind us to keep our confidence in you and not in man. When there isn’t anyone to encourage us, teach us to encourage ourselves in you recounting victories you have given us in the past. We choose today to place our trust and faith in you and we declare victory today. In Jesus mighty name we pray, amen.

I hope this mini Sunday word blessed you today Dear Friends!

❤ Shalom

One response to “Confidence is”

  1. ceebee63 Avatar

    These words are full of truth and hope! I enjoyed😀


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