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Britt Annie Nicole

Just the girl next door who loves Jesus and decided to answer the call from God on her life.

Brittany Nicole who adopted the name Britt Annie Nicole, Annie being her great grandmother’s name: “I was told how sweet she was, and that I reminded my family of her, therefore, I dedicate my author pen name to her!”

Brittany was raised Catholic and transitioned as a non-denominational believer in Christ in her early pre-teen years. “I’m constantly seeking Jesus as He called us to, and everyday I’m learning YHWH on deeper levels and feel the call to share with others as I grow continually. As a teenager, God whispered to me that I would speak around the world in His name, and I never let His words go from my heart. At the time I received those words, I was young and had plans of my own, but when God calls you; there is only so far that you can run from the call He places on your life.” More of Brittany’s testimony will be shared in the Woman of Faith Magazine of South Africa – June 2022.

She has been writing since the age of eight years old. “I wrote my first fiction novel at only eight years old, and although it was not published; I look back and see the magnificence of God. The writing was of an adult’s mind, and only God can equip someone as such. Therefore, I am led to write, because it is something that God has naturally gifted me with. It is His voice and His messages all through His willing servant and vessel.”

Brittany is an alumni NFL Cheerleader and has professionally danced for Bollywood shows, she was also an Ice Hockey Pro Cheerleader and has an extensive background in Ballet and Jazz dancing. Brittany’s mom placed her in dance at the age of three and she has been dancing since; even if it’s just on her living room floor! She has also taught several cheer and dance camps of hundreds of young girls. “When it comes to teaching or speaking at cheer and dance camps, I want it to be about empowering and uplifting our young girls, especially in today’s society where there is so much pressure. I do my best to stand in the gap for our young girls. I speak to them about self-worth, self-love, self-esteem, and overcoming bullying. I’m so thankful social media was not a big deal when I was a teen; I can only imagine what they face now. My goal through these camps are not just learning a new cheer or dance, but to overcome these worldly pressures.”

Brittany holds a corporate position by day in the Financial Industry as a Human Resources Professional. “HR is something I kind of fell into after my mother’s footsteps, I had other plans, but God did too! I fell into it and I love it. I also work with great people and that always makes work more enjoyable.

Moreover, Brittany enjoys cooking healthy meals and baking treats with healthy ingredients. “I’ve always been super health conscious, not just for myself, but everyone around me! In 2017, I went on this journey of discovering myself, and found that I really enjoyed everything pertaining to health as a hobby. I loved it so much, I earned a certificate in holistic nutrition. I try to utilize that knowledge to keep a healthy lifestyle and help my family do the same.” Outside of Brittany’s career and calling, she hopes to one day have a blessed and flourishing family of her own.

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